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questions. a special edition of "nightline: syria, a dictator speaks," begins right now. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," december 7th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm bill weir. and tonight, we bring you a special edition of "nightline." in a major network exclusive, abc's barbara wealters is just back from another arab country seemingly on the brink of overtloug another dictator. syria. barbara is the first allowed access to the country since a nine-month-old revolution began. she was invited there to conduct an extraordinary interview with the embattled syrian president, bashar al assad, accused of a brutal crackdown that's taken at least 4,000 lives. barbara, welcome home. >> thank you. >> reporter: you sat with saddam hussein, mubarak, gadhafi. how does this man compare? >> very different. he's not a wild, crazy person, at least that's the way gadhafi seemed to us. he is kaup. he is soft spoken. he is articulate. he speaks very good english. there were no ground ru
but it is raising fears tonight of more violence to come. >>> in syria, the streets are bloody tonight, with up to 50 dead in the last day and the country appears to be spiraling towards civil war by the hour. abc's martha raddatz reports. >> reporter: it started in darkness. a terrifying volley of gunfire that began one of the bloodiest 24 hours since this revolution began to force out syria's deke tictator, bashir a assad. this morning, with weapons still crackling and tanks thundering by, people were running for their lives, children looking for cover. some, too late. bodies of dozens of anti-government protesters who had been kidnapped were in the streets. thousands of miles away secretary of state hillary clinton met with syrian opposition groups. >> they need to be assured that syria will be better off under a regime of tolerance rather than on the whims of a dictator. >> reporter: clinton is also sending our ambassador robert ford, back to syria, after pulling him out for his safety. clinton says he will be a witness to assad's brutality as syria slides closer into an all-out civil war.
of syria has clung to power in the face of protests. it's estimated 4000 circassians have died in unrest. in an exclusive interview with barbara walters, the president denies he ordered the deadly crackdown on the government protesters. >> not by your command? the crackdown was without your permission? >> there's a difference between having a policy to crack down and -- no government in the world kills its people. >> he admitted some officials made mistakes but contended his forces are fighting militants, drug smugglers and terrorists and not innocent civilians. you can see more of the interview tonight after this newscast. >>> 70 years ago today, the japanese attacked the pacific fleet at pearl harbor. more than 2400 service members died and the attack. the attack brought the united states into world war two. in hawaii and washington, ceremonies were held to mark the anniversary. at the u.s. navy memorial, uss arizona, a wreath serve as a quiet reminder on pearl harbor day. this is downtown washington. more than 2400 sailors who died. local veterans' survivors to part in a pa
a large bloc of cities. but will maintain a majority. >>> meanwhile, in syria, new video of that nation's ongoing rebellion, which has claimed as many as 4,000 lives since march. the u.s. is expanding contacts with the ruling regime. the ambassador of syria is returning to damascus after a six-week absence. and secretary of state clinton met with opposition leaders for a second time. and our reporting on -- >> in jail. pictures in libya of moammar gadhafi. >> our reporting on syria does not end here. look for barbara walters' exclusive interview with syria president bashar al assad later today. >>> officials confirm that drone that crashed inside iran over the weekend was one of a fleet of aircraft that had spied on iran for years. the surveillance was based an air base in afghanistan. experts aren't sure how much secret information the iranians might be able to glean from that drone. >>> the little cuban boy at the center of an international incident more than a decade ago is all grown up. elian gonzalez celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday. he spent part of the day marching in suppo
one-on-one with syria's embattled president. face to face as she asks why the deadly crackdown. she's right here tonight. >>> but first, another image making headlines. that coach, under fire, and now, under arrest. after the mounting number of accusers, we ask here what was it today that sent law enforcement in, arresting jerry sandusky? this as we learn the latest victim says sandusky's wife was upstairs as he cried for help. abc's jim avila is on the case again tonight. >> reporter: jerry sandusky, back in cuffs, wearing a penn state track suit, taken from his home in the middle of the afternoon, and today, charged with abusing two more children. his attorney predicted new charges and custody on "world news." >> bail is going to be set and he's going to wind up in jail. >> his attorney walked straight into that courtroom and told his client, "i told you this would happen." and sandusky just smiled. >> reporter: the smile wiped from his face as prosecutors demanded a million dollar bail and revealed the stories of victims nine and ten. horrific accounts of a basement of horrors at
that drone. >> now to the deadly unrest in syria, which according to the u.n. has killed more than 4,000 people since march. the obama administration is moving to expand contacts with opponents of the ruling regime as violence there grows more deadly. abc's martha raddatz reports. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: it started in darkness. a terrifying volley of gunfire that began one of the bloodiest 24 hours since this revolution began to force out syria's dictator bashir al assad. with weapons and tanks thundering by, people were running for their lives. children looking for cover. some too late. thousands of miles away, secretary of state hillary clinton met with syrian opposition groups. >> they need to be assured that syria will be better off under a regime of tolerance rather than on the whims of, of a dictator. >> reporter: clinton is also sending ambassador robert ford back to syria after pulling him out for his own safety. clinton says he will be a witness to assad's brutality as syria slides closer into an all-out civil war. martha raddatz, abc news. >>> our reporting from syria does
tonight. syria. where today, by some accounts, hundreds of thousands took to the streets. the biggest protests in months. making a point to the outside observers from other arab nations, who are now inside syria. more than two dozen people were reportedly killed. >>> back in this country, and to a u.s. marine who is proving tonight that his battle training is not going to waste. carl trenker was shot twice during a robbery right before christmas and he used his own fingers to plug the bullet wounds. he spoke today as he left the hospital. >> one bullet passed into my pec and came out the other side, so, i kind of went like this and, like that. it could have turned out a lot worse, so, there's probably something more that i'm intended to do in my life. >> he survived the battlefield only to come home to that robbery. he now says after surviving, he's looking forward to the holiday meal he missed. >>> and here in new york tonight, a little more than 24 hours until the new year's countdown. pictures coming in tonight. they tested the famous crystal ball today. and it is working. tonight,
leapt crackdown in syria. in the last 24 hours, more than 40 people killed, most in the city of hom, who has been called the capital of the revolution. today, the streets were filled with tens of thousands of protesters, calling for the execution of president bashar al assad. as outside observers from other arab countries are now in the streets, monitoring the situation, activists, armed with video cameras, are trying to send their messages out to the world. and here's abc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: the videos, taken by ordinary citizens at great risk, show government tanks, blood on the streets, syrians mourning their dead. activists say they're proof the syrian government is killing its own people, in spite of its denials. when cameras caught this, locals begging for help. there are thousands of clips on youtube, and entire channels devoted to the uprising. and all they are using is this. the simple act of holding up a cell phone and taking video in syria is quite risky. >> it's like committing suicide. >> reporter: but they are getting smarter, using fake names and smuggled phones
in syria since march, that was all captured in syria's third largest city, the center of the uprising against president bashar al-assad. that just more information and details coming in from the unrest that is happening in syria. more violence yesterday, evidence that the government is cracking down on demonstrators. 40 killed just this week alone. >>> closer to home, it was a deadly evening commute last night outside washington, d.c. a collision between a pickup truck and a public transit bus left the truck's driver dead. and almost a dozen injured. the collision was so forceful that both drivers had to be cut out of their vehicles. >>> in tennessee, three miners had to be rescued after a fire trapped them 800 feet underground. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on a drill rig near a zinc mine. the trapped miners were in contact with officials, but thick smoke prevented them from leaving a safe area. it took rescuers about three hours to get them out safely. >>> now to the story we teased, a tech savvy georgia family turning to social media to track down a group of grinches who m
. >> for now they're still investigating. >>> in other news this morning -- syria's embattled leader has sat down for his first major tv interview since the start of the uprising that left thousand of civilians dead. in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters he denied ordering the deadly crackdown. abc's alex marquardt has more. >> reporter: for the leader of a country in so much turmoil, syria's president bashir al-assad appears calm, soft-spoken and confident, confident he is doing the right thing for syria where the u.n. says more than 4,000 people have died in the past nine months. in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters he distanced himself from the bloodshed. >> do you think that your forces, cracked down too hard? >> they're not my forces. they are military forces that belong to the government. i don't own them. i'm president. i don't own the country. >> reporter: assad did admit mistakes had been made but doesn't feel guilty because he says he is doing his best to protect his people. few journalists have been allowed into syria, most of what the world has seen
oppose the government has been trying to crush an uprising for months. -- syria's government has been trying to crush an uprising for months. the syrian president gave an interview could -- to barbara walters. bashar assad tried to distance himself from the bloodshed. >> and do you think figure forces cracked down to hard? >> no, not my forces. i do not own them peter i am president. i do not own the country. >> the opposition posted amateur video on facebook and you do. they say the images show syrian security forces killing peaceful protesters. assad says his forces are fighting militants, terrorists and drug smugglers. >>> officials at one american was among those killed and a deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan. the bomber blew himself up in a shiite shrine yesterday. it killed 56 people shiite vehicles procession that nearly the same time also left four people killed. it is the first major sectarian attack in afghanistan in recent memory. afghanistan's president says the attack came from pakistan. >>> a va lobbyist accused of taking money from pakistan's spy agency is accused -
months, syria's bashar al assad is trying to avoid that fate, with a brutal crackdown that's taken the lives of more than 4,000 people. he's not given any television interviews to anyone in the west until now. barbara walters is here with us. i watched that interview. you were really in his face. >> well, george, there were no restrictions. there were no guidelines. we were free to ask any questions. bashar al assad, was a leader by accident. he has the support of much of his country. but not many others believe that. and i began by asking him how he ended up in the position he's in. not long ago, you were widely seen as a fresh, pragmatic leader. a doctor, whose life was about healing people. now, sir, much of the world regards you as a dictator and a tyrant. what do you say to that? >> it's important how the citizens look at you. not how you look at yourself. so, i don't have to look at myself. >> the protests really began after the detention and torture of children who were writing graffiti, calling for your downfall. i've seen awful pictures of what happened. why was this such
south korea this morning. we want to stay overseas and turn to the unrest in syria. tens of thousand of people in the streets of syria's third largest city calling for execution of the president. government troops reportedly killed dozens of people despite presence of international monitors checking on ape series of promised reforms there thousand hatch died in the government crackdown against protestors which began in march. >>>turbing details in the murder of a young girl. the man watching aliahna lemmon confessed. the suspect, a 39-year-old michael plumadore has been ordered held without bond. >>> investigators in connecticut confirm the fire that killed five family members was in fact the result of a tragic accident. embers from the fireplace and lack of working smoke detectors led to the tragedy. abc's linsey davis reports now from stamford. >> reporter: investigators say it was the ember of the christmas eve yule log which started what fire fighters are calling the most horrific fire in recent memory and it's left an entire town in mourning for three little girls and their gran
nations is dismissing assad who called a report of widespread torture in syria, a false allegation. >>> people are digging out after getting blasted by a snowstorm. eight inches of snow fell in parts of pennsylvania, with higher elevations bearing the brunt of it. much of it will melt today, as temperatures warm up. >>> and time, now, for weather from across the country. a blustery day in the northeast, with lingering snow in northern new england. up to half foot of lake-effect snow in michigan's upper peninsula. and snowshowers between nebraska and kansas. meanwhile, cooling down along the gulf coast. and some scattered showers down in florida. >> 74 in miami. 52 in atlanta. 45 here in new york. a biting 13 degrees in fargo. 21 in minneapolis. and 31 in omaha. 40s in the pacific northwest. phoenix gets up to 61. sacramento, 58. and salt lake city, 36. >>> and we are tracking a few developing stories on this thursday morning, including the crash of a tourist helicopter near las vegas. we'll have the details on that. >>> plus, the alarming video of student to the rescue, when the bu
in new york. the company is expected to sell syria to the public next year. many of us go online for no particular reason at all. more than half of young adults: egypt dusty past time or have fun. the percentages are smaller for older age groups. those are your "tech bytes"." >>> the u.s. postal service a to announce major exchanges today in an effort to avoid bankruptcy. it's pushing ahead with plans to reduce costs. plans include closing half of the mail processing centers across the country and loring deliver standards for first- class mail. changes will take effect next spring. >>> still feels nice during the daytime. >> 10 degrees above average student. but the-- above average. a series of cold front will hit. >> it is december. >> outside dallas they are getting light snowfall. yes. looking like christmas already down there just outside dallas tx. even in northwest texas they're getting snowfall. for us, rain in the forecast to nightstand and tomorrow. there's a dense fog advisory in calvert and st. mary's county and is to ensure and northern neck of virginia until 9:00 a.m
-on-one with the leader of syria. clinging to power in a year year of revolution. >> do you think that your forces are cracking down too hard? >> his first interview with any western journalist
joked she is retiring every year since the clinton administration. any one who did a day trip to syria, 90 minute primetime special, and interview with the president and first lady hardly sound like any one retiring from anything we asked if she fibbed to the president to get a big interview. vp said she is one of the greatest bookers who ever lived. >> she is not going anywhere. >> can't imagine. >> on "the view" her specials. >> she will leave when she wants to. >> she is not going anywhere. jay-z joining his wife beyonce in a pregnancy diet. the diet is partially vegan. she is trying not to let herself go she is expecting. he is joining her in that. i'm not sure what a partially vegan diet is. >> what does that mean? >> when you are pregnant you want to eat. everything. delicious things like bacon. >> i respect, if you say you are giving up, give up certain things when you are pregnant. i'll go along with you -- alcohol. >> a lot of men get fatter when women are pregnant. >> nicely done, jay-z. feel the pain a little bit. donald trump. rosie o'donnell going at it again. a twitter wa
u.n. official is calling the ongoing violence in syria a civil war. the stark assessment came as amateur video showing the violence in the country surfaced. now the u.n. puts the death toll from eight months of revolt against the government at 4,000. it says the number is simply a conservative estimate. >>> now to politics and gop presidential hopeful herman cain. he says his wife knew nothing abut his friendship with ginger white or that he provided her with financial support until just this week. cain denies white's allegations the two carried on a 13-year affair but does admit helping with white's bills saying he is just soft hearted. cain says he will decide whether to stay in the race by monday after a face to face with his wife. >> a fly on the wall during that, huh? country singer, mindy mccready has violate aid judge's custody order and missed a deadline to bring her 5-year-old son back to florida. mccready says she is tennessee and insists she is trying to protect her son and can't travel because she is 7 months pregnant with twins. her mother was awarded custody of h
not been seen much there. >>> and pressure mounting on syria, where bloody crackdown of anti-government protesters is blamed for at least 4,000 deaths. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting today with syrian exiles supporting the uprising against president bashar assad. barbara walters has an exclusive interview with president assad. >>> there's word this morning of a settlement following last year's coal mine explosion that killed 29 men in west virginia. it was the worst coal mine disaster in 40 years. and now, the owner, alpha natural resources will pay some $200 million to settle civil and criminal charges, from the explosion at the upper big branch mine. former executives could face criminal charges. >>> and president obama travels to kansas today to pressure republicans to extend the payroll tax cut that expires at year's end. without it, the typical american family will lose about $1,000 next year. to get republicans to sign on, senate democrats have lowered a proposed tax on millionaires. but some republicans call that an empty gesture. >>> and it could be ano
the policeman of the world. we don't need another war in syria, another war in iran. just get rid of the embassy in baghdad. we're pretending we're coming home from baghdad. we built an embassy there that cost $1 billion and we're putting 17,000 contractors in there and pretending our troops are coming home. i could save the money and we don't have to raise taxes on social security, on the tax roll. >> as i said, i want to broaden this out. all of you have been debating two big questions through this nomination fight. who is the most consistent conservative candidate? and which of you is bet able to defeat president obama? governor romney, speaker gingrich crystallized his argument. he said, quote, i'm a lot more conservative than mitt romney and more electable than anyone else. i know you don't agree with that. >> beiof course i don't agree w that. i don't think most people agree with that. speaker gingrich has been in government for a long time. we can look at his record. really this is more about us talking about what we believe. and whether we can lead the country at a time when we need to r
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